Life of a birthday

Birthdays have a life of their own. 

Parents celebrate the early one's even though we may well be more content snuggling in our cribs. When we know what they mean, it is a sin to not celebrate. We wait for the day each year for many things: gifts, parties, photos. Our spouses find them to be special occasions for love. Kids make them irrelevant until they grow old enough to buy us gifts (with our own money). Later one's remind us of greying hair and shriveling skin. 

There is always that first one without the person whose it is. They are painful and make the void bigger. Every year thereafter, the date lingers for attention even though there is not much to be done. The reminders on a phone, calendar, or whatever else served as a reminder continue with the purposefulness of a sunrise. The day joins many others as leftovers of a life. The feeling is not unlike that of a house which was once home: meant a lot to us when we lived there, but is now a building like any other; except, means (much) more than the rest. 

They don't fade at once, but are forgotten in some years. They keep appearing until all the people who remembered it are gone themselves. Long before that though, the day is likely a happy birthday for someone else.


The biased indian media - exhibit #1

A google search for "raj rajaratnam" with reporting sources in India produces 62 results. Many of even those don't even deal with the crime he was accused and found guilty of.

I have seen this time and again with Indian news media: they don't cover unpleasant things about Indian expats. On the other hand, if someone of indian origin in the US commits a horrible crime, it gets scant attention from Indian media -- but if the victim is Indian, it is all over your face.

It isn't hard to gather scientific data, but this is what I see based on a casual observer. The rationale is not apparent - what does the indian media gain by reporting only the victories of the indian expat? More disturbingly, why the consistency across the different news organizations? Even in their coverage of news events within India, I see them unnervingly identical.

I've got more to rant on the subject. Coming soon!

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